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Incredible Collection of Sand Art Designs and Coloured SandChildren love being busy and Sand Art is a creative activity that will keep them occupied for many hours.

Having Fun is Number One! Creative activity should be fun and not a struggle. Therefore we offer Sand Art Products of the highest quality and the system is designed for easy, mess free use.

The Sand Art experience is not just about making an artwork. Spending quality time with your child, family and friends is invaluable.Sand Art is also a favorite Party Activity and can be done indoors or outdoors. It becomes the highlight of the day. Sand Art will assist you to teach your child how to plan and complete a project, how to solve problems encountered along the way. It will build your child’s confidence and self-esteem. Sand Art will also assist to improve Development Areas and is recommended to address certain problems, for example ADHD.

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Have you every asked yourself how you could encourage your child to spend more time on a constructive, creative activity, yet still hold their attention for long enough to complete the activity?

Does your child struggle to stay occupied when the television or computer is turned off?

Are there certain development areas that you would like your child to improve? Do you struggle to find quality craft products that offers enough fun and variety for children that is quick and easy to use, does not create any mess and is compact to store?

Learn exactly how Sand Art can assist you and your child to have hours of creative fun while at the same time you will give attention to problem areas in your child’s development.

The sand we use is non-toxic and conforms to BS EN 71-1,2,3  and AS/NZS ISO-8124 safety standards.

The different sand art pictures we have available helps in the creative process for the development of critical areas in your child. (Improves sensory, imagination, fine motor development and color recognition, combining diffirent colors. It’s also an amazing confidence booster).

The ready to use pre-printed and pre-cut sand art boards (sandart cards) that comes in a variety of designs, easily peels away sections by section as you create your master piece.

The sand art boards is designed with different levels of difficulty in mind to allow for creativity and continuously improve on concentration skills.

The variety of sand art boards aims to improve on two other critical areas of development; planning and task completion.

If you have been looking for new ways to be creative with your greeting cards, then you have come to the right place.

With our system you can easily create you sand art and convert your sandart masterpiece into a greeting card that you can forward to your family and friend.