How Do You Make Your Sandart Picture?

See how to create your own sand art picture with our step-by-step demonstration.

– Do not press too hard or dig into the card.
– Use the lifting tools in your kit. Do not use sharp objects.
– Gently press from just outside a cut line and slide forward.
– If your lifter gets stuck, try from another side. Do not force your lifter.


Place the sticker card on top of a magazine to catch the excess sand. Start in the middle and slowly peel off the first area. Take care not to lift adjoining areas.


Now choose a colour and pour it over the adhesive area. Turn the card over and tap it on the back to remove the excess sand. Repeat the pouring process on the same area to obtain a darker shade.


Peel off the next area. Pour a different colour and repeat the motion until the image is completely peeled off and coloured.


You are a Sand Artist! You can now make a sandart greeting card and send it to someone special. Please see instructions on how to laminate and make your greeting card.

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How to make a Sand Art Greeting Card

Make a proper Greeting Card out of your Sand Art picture. Just stick your picture halfway onto the joining strip, add the backing card and write a message.

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How to do Sand Art

The adhesive is already on the pre-cut board which means No Gluing and No Mess. Just peel the picture in stages, sprinkle on coloured sand and youíre done. A perfect picture!

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NEW PRODUCT – SandArt Big 5 Pack


BIG 5 GP - 285

Sand Art Big 5 Pack

The Big 5 Pack contains 5 Postcards plus a laminating feature. With more than enough sand to colour all the cards and with step-by-step instructions, it’s easy to create a Sand Art Masterpiece.

Content: 5 Postcards, laminating feature, 11 sand colours, lifter & instructions.

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How To Scrapbook Your Sand Art Cards. What is Scrapbooking with Sand Art. How to Scrap Book with Coloured Sand.

How to Scrapbook Your Handmade Sand Art Greeting Card.

Get the best ideas for scrapbooking with the perfect scrapbook layouts. Make your own sand art Cards that is best for your scrapbook theme and layout.

Scrapbooking is a sentimental way to save your sand art cards that is very special to you or one you received for that special birthday.

Keeping your sand art cards together in a scrapbook gives you atnagible reminder of special moments along with a chance to remnisce.

The popularity of sand art and scrapbooking has brought a wide range of assorted sandart cards and scrapbook page inserts to the market for any occassion.

Select your sand art cards gather you sand art kit and get ready to preserving your sand art moments in your scrapbook.

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Scrapbooking Ideas with Your Sand Art
Choose the theme for your scrapbook cover page. If your sand art card had a special signifcance, you might want to find a way to design and indicate that on the first page. List the date and other related information.
Layout your sand art cards by design, and deside what cards needs to go to what page in the scrapbook.
Collect other items or use some of your coloured sand to make items that will fit into the layout of your scrapbook.
Layout your scrapbook and begin with the cards you want at the beginning. Make sure your sand art cards fit together without pulling at each other.
Decide where you want to put your sand art card before attaching it in your scrapbook.
Bein assembling your scrapbook. Use double-sided tape to hold the back of you sand art card in place. Use more tape for the lagre sand art card.

If you have been looking for new ways to be creative with your greeting cards, then you have come to the right place.

With our system you can easily create you sand art and convert your sand art masterpiece into a greeting card that you can forward to your family and friend.

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