What type of sand do we use?
The quality & grain size of the sand is very important. We use high quality quarry sand that is a fine, consistent grain & does not contain any organic materials. It gets washed & coloured with water based colours using our proprietary methods & quality control to ensure that it is a non-toxic & completely safe product.

How safe are the products?
We have an ongoing commitment to quality assurance and service. Sandart conform to the CE regulation which means that the product has been tested and conforms to the requirements corresponding with the EU (European Union) guidelines. Sandart conforms to BS EN 71-1,2,3 and AS/NZS ISO-8124 safety standards.

How many cards can one make from the sand available in a Value Pack, Gift Pack or Home Kit?
You only use about 5gm of sand per postcard & can easily make 12 postcards with the Value Pack, Gift Pack & 300 postcards with the Home Kit.

For what age group is Sandart?
We recommend Sandart for ages 4 & up. Younger kids might need help with lifting the paper, but enjoy peeling & colouring.

Can I get the sand in loose quantities?
Yes, we supply sand in 100gm, 500gm & 1kg packs.

Are there other colours available, or only the ones in the Home Kits, Value Packs & Gift Packs?
Currently we have 21 colours. The colours are: black, white, red, dark green, light green, dark blue, light blue, purple, pink, peach, orange, yellow, terra cotta, red brown, yellow brown, beige, olive green, turquoise, grey, mustard & dark brown.

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