I’m extremely excited to have you meet some of the people who have already had the experience and joy of spending quality time with their children.

Keep in mind that — while these people come from a wide range of different backgrounds — they all have one very important thing in common: To have fun with their children and to see the smile and joy on their childrens faces.

Just think… You could be adding YOUR story to this very page!

“Hi there – placed an order last night (23 March 2017) – received everything today (24 March 2017) – WOW!!!
Thank you for the great service!”

Impressive service. Ursula Nobrega, Bryanston


“Thank you, thank you SO MUCH for the sand art! My kids absolutely LOVE it. They have had so much fun making cards for their family members back home in the United States.”

Thanks.Jodie, Waterkloof


“I just wanted to say thank you for arranging the pick-up of my order so quickly. I look forward to using your services again in the future.”

Kind regards, Bonnita


“my 4-year-old little girl, Lauren, tried her hand at doing a butterfly with Sand Art. Well, I have never seen her concentrate for so long or be so engaged in one activity for such a length of time.”

Delighted Mom.Wendy


“When I purchased my first Sand Art Home kit I was told that the sand would last me through all the sand art boards (sand art cards), so I bought extra sand art boards…… And the only complaint I have is that I had so much fun I couldn’t stop! It’s an amazing FUN product!”

All the best, Musina


“It was such a hit the children love it. Your suggestion of the cards (boards) was absolutely right – some kids wanted to do two, which was fine but in terms of supervision the cards, were perfect and for a 7year olds party the right ones. It’s a wonderful product. Thanks again – everyone was very impressed with it and Emily says she has had the best party out of all her friends.”

Regards, Nicky


“Thanks very much, everything arrived safely on Friday. Can’t keep my kids away………..hope I will have something left for the party on Saturday.
Thanks for excellent service & product.”

Regards, Gail


“I recently visited your stand at the Craft Market and bought a few of your kits for my children. They have been a huge hit and I would love to get some more.”

Regards, Karin


“I met you over the weekend at an Arts festival, with my two daughters in tow. They loved working with your Sand Art products and were quite keen to start their own little business distributing and displaying your products… Once again, congratulation on what we think is a Brilliant idea.”

Regards, Lindsay


“From Babynet forum Guys… like for real – this has got to be the best product I have come across in a long time! If we had a recent discoveries discussion, this would be it for me! I bought a postcard kit from Rikke and 3 extra cards.

I had 2 of the triplets over from 14h00 yesterday, it was storming inside so me, my husband, the dogs and 4 kids were stuck inside the whole day. I brought it out and the boys sat and did it – for the most part unsupervised for 1.5 hours! I never heard a word out of them! These were the same boys who just 5 minutes earlier were tearing my house down in frustration.

For those who don’t know what it is – it’s little cards and you peel off a piece at a time, pour on the different coloured sand and make a gorgeous sandart creation. I thought I’d find a huge mess, but even my “concentration issued”, just turned 4 year old son managed to do it on his own, and pour the sand back into tiny test tubes without messing! You don’t even have to finish the whole project in one sitting – once you see their concentration is waning it is SO QUICK to just pack away. It’s the best craft I’ve come into in ages!

If you don’t have some at home for winter you’re missing out! I’d even go as far as to say a three year old could do it with parental assistance. Again this afternoon we hauled it out for an hour.

GET SOME… I mean it… GET SOME!”

Regards, Sandi Welsh